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Are you struggling to reach your goals?

Owners everywhere strive to launch important initiatives that can fall to the wayside due to lack of company buy-in or poor communication.

That's where I come in.

I work directly with you and your team to overcome the complex operational challenges that inhibit your company's success. By collaborating with your leadership and frontline employees, I identify opportunities to leverage technology and implement decisive operational practices to improve revenue and reach your organizational goals.

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Tom Witty knew at an early age that he had a fascination with how things work. His childhood visit to a Coca-Cola bottling plant left an indelible mark—one that was illustrated in the model he created of the entire operation. Today, as a senior executive, he draws upon this intellectual curiosity to resolve complex business problems for companies in growth and turnaround environments.

Tom started Strategy Execution Advisors to

personally provide clients with solutions to their critical business problems.  Tom’s alliance of trusted advisors stands ready to assist on any engagement. Most notably, Tom’s partnership alliance with Global PMI Partners leverages an international network of merger integration experts.

Among Tom’s strengths is his ability to blend his multidimensional leadership strengths—strategy, agility, Lean/Six Sigma, process, operations, engineering, IT, marketing, and corporate development—to drive positive change. As the founder of Strategy Execution Advisors, Tom advises C-level teams on opportunities to leverage emerging technology, process engineering, and strategy design/implementation to improve revenue and margins.  


Some of his signature strengths include:



As a partner of the Global PMI network, I help to lead companies through post-merger integration to optimize the synergies and results of their merger and acquisition activity.

GPMIP is an experienced team of post-merger integration consultants that deliver market-relevant advice to their clients worldwide.  We are valued for our dynamic, customized execution on the complex operational, technical and cultural issues that are so critical to M&A success.

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Strategy Execution Advisors helps executives Lead, Think, Plan and Act on their goals to get a clear line of sight between strategic targets and the programs, projects, and the actions needed to successfully hit those targets. From its midwestern headquarters in Overland Park, KS, Strategy Execution Advisors and its alliance partners support clients in mid-size organizations in the US.

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