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Merger & Acquisition Integration

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Problem: You are about to acquire a business. You've done it before, but this time it's a bigger deal, more complex, and deadlines are critical.

SEA Service: In partnership with Global PMI Partners, we bring an agile integration strategy to address your unique operational, technical, and cultural complexities. We ensure that your post-merger integration produces sustainable results and synergies you expect.

Merger & Acquisition Integration Service

Problem: You are frustrated that your strategy is not progressing and disappointed that the organization’s projects and activities aren’t delivering the needed results. You know you can do better.


SEA Service: SEA addresses the root causes of strategy failure; often due to the complexity of the people, projects, and processes involved. We have the systems needed to integrate the cascading strategic objectives with the associated projects, KPI’s, and metrics, providing you with a line of sight to the critically few key initiatives.

Strategy Management Systems

Strategy Management Systems Service

Large Scale Program Direction

Problem: You want to launch a strategic change to your business involving technology, key business processes, and most of your organization.  You’re not sure if your business has the capacity or the know-how to take this on.

SEA Service: Major strategic undertakings span the entire organization, involve numerous staff, and represent a lot of risk.

SEA has the experience to mobilize, lead or assist in these large programs. We customize the role we play to fit the needs of your organization.

Large Scale Program Direction

Problem: You’re frustrated that you spend most of your time on minute issues “down in the weeds”, and don't spend enough time on bigger opportunities. Your associates are unengaged and unable to fix problems on their own.

SEA Service: In many organizations, there is a disconnect between the leadership’s strategic plan and the rest of the organization.

SEA will help you successfully bridge that gap with a Strategic Project Management Office (PMO) to provide you feedback and establish accountability.

PMO Strategic


PMO Strategic Linkage Service

Strategic Project Portfolio Management

Problem:  You’re aggravated that your company’s projects aren’t getting completed and that you are wasting resources, time, and money on ineffective and low-priority projects and initiatives.


SEA Service:  In many organizations project resources, capital and people are in scarce supply. This scarcity is compounded when projects are treated with the same level of strategic importance.

SEA will help you implement the portfolio tools and processes that generate the maximum ROI from your project resources.

Strategic Project Portfolio Management Service
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